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Geschrieben von Linda in USA am 09.09.2003, 22:48 Uhr zurück

@Claudia's Freund (helensmom)

You claim to be an American citizen, but you live in Germany. How much time have you actually lived in the States to know what's going on? Just because you hold an American passport does not mean you are well informed about events and the country. Obviously, you don't and you don't really care about this country at all. I know people who are US Citizens by virtue of birth (father was American), but who do not speak English or have spent any time whatsoever in the US. I guess you are one of them? The way you talk about the US certainly leads me to believe that.

Anyways, I'm tired of argueing with a bunch of US-haters (and sorry, that's what you are in my eyes when you call your own people "Indian killers" and other choice names - by the way, the Europeans killed quite a bunch of Indians themselves, but I digress). So have fun bashing in this forum, if you are man enough, come to a forum and discuss with people who actually LIVE and WORK in the US, who know what's going on because of real life experience and not because of a piece of paper. I hold a German passport (not much longer, though), but that does not mean I'm well informed about current events in Germany.




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