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Geschrieben von Don Camillo am 04.11.2004, 18:01 Uhr


Mir ist es ein Anliegen, hier zu sagen, dass Bush und seine sogenannten wiedererweckten Christen nichts mit dem zu tun haben, was wirklich christlich Gegenteil. Bitte setzt "christlich" nicht mit Bush und Konsorten gleich! Danke und traurige Grüsse,

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Re: Bush...

Antwort von Schwoba-Papa am 04.11.2004, 21:08 Uhr


es ist auch nicht unbedingt demokratisch was dort abging, aber

was ist wirklich christlich ?


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Re: Bush...

Antwort von Tini mit Charlotte am 04.11.2004, 22:35 Uhr

Oh nein, und es ist auch nicht moralisch und trotzdem war er in der Lage diese Fahnen vor sich her zu tragen und hat damit auf die Fundamentalisten Eindruck gemacht.

Hier dazu ein leserbrief:
If "moral values" trump other considerations in the minds of the voters, then language has been emptied of all meaning.

How moral is it for a president and a vice president who have not been in combat to start a war, based on twisted evidence, that has led to the deaths of innocent Iraqis and more than 1,100 American military service members?

How moral is it for us to walk away from the Geneva Convention and sanction torture of prisoners, without penalty to those higher-ups who authorized such tactics?

How moral is it to pollute the environment, or to underfinance the much touted No Child Left Behind law? To intrude on private life choices or withhold funds from global efforts to assist poor women in family planning?

How moral is it to hamper scientific research that may carry benefits for all, or to practice fiscal policies that favor the privileged, or that so many are unprotected by health insurance?

This is moral bankruptcy at best and examples of the sad truth that under this administration language does not reflect reality, but rather creates it.

Mirella Servodidio
New York, Nov. 3, 2004

To the Editor:

Before today, people here and abroad could blame the Bush administration. After today, it is the American people who are responsible.

Frank Mitchell
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 3, 2004


But while Americans between the ages of 18 to 24 comprise more than 13 percent of the voting-age population, this demographic segment represented fewer than one in 10 voters on Tuesday. Far more Americans in this age group did not vote than did vote.

They are about to get a cruel civics lesson: the vote you didn't cast today could haunt you for the rest of your life.

Four more years of this administration means more outsized deficits and a deepening of the national debt, more ill-advised decisions in the international arena, a gutting of environmental protections and the appointment of one or more archconservative Supreme Court justices.

Young Americans, and their elders, will be reminded that in a democracy, voters don't always get what they need or even what they want (witness the popular vote for Al Gore four years ago), but they usually get what they deserve.

David Alexander
Powell, Ohio, Nov. 3, 2004

UND DANN NOCH DIE GEGENSEITE, die die geschichte unserer Vorväter nicht verstanden hat. Die würden sich nämlich im Grabe umdrehen:

In a contentious campaign that pitted Democratic celebrity pop culture against Republican old-fashioned values, the choice was easy. We, the children of immigrants, know why our Grampa emigrated to America from Norway at age 17 with his carpentry tools in hand.

In this country, the call of opportunity is strong, the voice of freedom is clear, the words of faith are true and George W. Bush speaks our language.

Character counts.

Joan Baldwin Chapman
Cheshire, Conn., Nov. 3, 2004

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