Mehrsprachig aufwachsen

Mehrsprachig aufwachsen




Geschrieben von ivancica am 17.04.2007, 14:25 Uhr

Wer hat Kinder, die dreisprachig aufwachsen ?

My son Luka is three and a half and is growing up trilingually. I am Croatian, my husband is English, and he learns German in the Kindergarten. He only started speaking last summer, but I had a feeling he understood all three languages before he started speaking them. Now he speaks all three languages, not full sentences yet, but makes himself understandable and clear. With me he speaks Croatian, when he's with my husband he speaks English to him, and otherwise German, with his German friends.
Even though it takes longer for multilingual children to start speaking, their brains do have the capacity to take in various languages. And it is important to start with foreign languages as soon as possible, because children can learn them without accents and dialects. Later on, languages can be learned (in school and later), but there will always be the influence of the mother tongue.
I am a teacher of English and a translator. I learnt foreign languages at school (I speak five foreign languages).
And let us not forget that different children have different affinities, so some might be good linguistically but not, for instance, mathematically, whereas some might be excellent with arts and music but have no interest or skill when it comes to languages.
Hope this helps.

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