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Geschrieben von dspahl am 07.03.2004, 10:17 Uhr

English playgroup in the Aachen area?

We have just moved to a small town near Aachen. I try to raise my son using non-native English (no output whatsoever so far - well, he's only 8 months by now so I'll have to wait for any "results" ;-).
Anyway, I don't know anyone around here so now I am looking for english-speaking families or just families no matter which language they speak....

of course best of all would be a playgroup or at least some people that would be interested in a playgroup - I would try and organize the whole thing as well - so PLEASE contact me!

Thank you!

Take care


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Re: English playgroup in the Aachen area?

Antwort von Britain am 10.03.2004, 22:25 Uhr

Hi Dominique,
I am constantly looking for an english speaking playgroup or something similar. Without success. We do not live really close to Aachen (about 50 km). Nevertheless, if you like please get in touch.


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