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Geschrieben von Alba am 14.09.2016, 17:28 Uhr

She wanted to have a one to one translation ;o)

I don't think it 1-1 translatable, not into good English, people don't get older, they only get better, maybe, it's the closest to colloquial English I can get. I would use people not humans but that might be a personal preference.

Things are fine here, busy, daughter's birthday on Monday, she is 12 now, high school student, everything new and exciting.
Do you want to see the cake I made her? Actually, I don't care if you want to or not I'll show it anyway.
She is a history fan and Prince of Egypt is one of her favourite movies.
Base is a massive slab of rocky road, pyramids are rice Krispie cakes with sponge cake cladding, palm trees are mint matchmakers and green fondant, and the Nile is lime jelly, there is a (jelly)baby Moses bobbing on the river and there jellybaby mummies hiding in the pyramids. Oh and the sand are whizzed up caramac bars. She was well chuffed with it.

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