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Geschrieben von Ralph am 10.09.2003, 0:34 Uhr

Rubbish... :-( Warum schreibst Du nicht deutsch, wenn Du doch deutsch bist? :-))

Hey Linda,

I'm not the person you spoke to, but as you're comparing things in a very dangerous way, I have to answer you as an European Citizen, if you are able to understand what I'm going to tell you. You are German? Okay, obviously you have forgotten most of the things we learned on school in history! :-)
And definitely you're wrong in your opinion, that it is impossible to have an idea to the things happening in US without living there.
In this days it is possible to get informations in such a different way, that you are able to assess situations in other countries! :-)

I'm born in Germany, and nearly every year there are anniversaries, which are in direct or indirect connections with the dark years from 1933 to 1945. We have to think about it, and most of us try to learn from this disaster.
Maybe it is the reason for our opinion, which faces you in denying most of the present wars, or thinking very carefully before supporting them.

Now, I never heard anything in America about critical opinions in american history, and there are dark parts in this history, too! Lots of dark parts!! I believe, it would be a nice idea, to face yourself with your own bad american shit (sorry!). And America isn't a noble nation, maybe 60 years ago, but not in these days!
America and democracy? O my God, don't tell us about this, America has forgotten his own ideas!
As we are friends, Europeans and Americans, we should listen to eachother, and not to claim the Big Man with tanks, bombs and rockets, and afterwards the man with the big money!
America has NO, NO!!!, Idea for Iraq, it's a catastrophic blame´for the US.

If you've read my postings below you will realize, that I'm not an US-Hater (your slang!). :-)
But your own (US-)indoktrination tought me to stand my man, and my opinion is not for sale, not for wrigleys, not for Microsoft's junk, not for US-$, not for G.W.Bush-Posters and not for Eminem-tickets! :o)
I'm able to read, I'm able to hear, to watch, to talk and to listen, diversions you don't practising anymore, otherwise I can't understand your posting!
I realize a policy in the USA destroying the trust grewed for decades. It is lost, and America has to fight very, very hardly to recover it!!

I'm not american, and, be sure, I'm proud to be not american, I'm proud to be an European! In spite of the crowed of people without jobs, in spite of the economic and social problems everywhere in Europe, in spite of the problems we have in all the differences of culture, languages and opinions... but it is not boring! We have something to work and to fight for. And believe me, yours Old Europe will survive! :-)

Maybe you're not able to understand the visions we have in Europe. People, who are believing in persons like Rumsfeld, a man who blames old friends for many times... people, who support the politics of those people, such people can not realize other points of view...

My English isn't the best, of course, I don't speak English every day. The days I was practise are long,long ago, well, it doesen't matter, I think!

But here's a highlight!
USA is the land of free opinions? O no!

You are suggesting Claudia's friend should diskuss in this forum:

Here is an extract of the forum-rules, written there in the german language:

"Es liegt uns sehr am Herzen, dass Sie sich in unseren Foren wohl fühlen und ungestört Beiträge zum American Way Of Life verfassen können. Deshalb haben wir hier gewisse Regeln aufgeführt, die dazu da sind, ein möglichst ungetrübtes Erlebnis für alle unsere Teilnehmer zu ermöglichen. Nur durch Toleranz und Offenheit kann sich eine wirklich gute Diskussion entwickeln. Sollte es Ihre Absicht sein hier rein Anti-Amerikanische Beitraege (besonders zur US Politik) zu verfassen, bitten wir Sie davon Abstand zu nehmen und sich eine andere Spielwiese dafuer zu suchen. Die US Politik soll in diesem Forum nur eine untergeordnete Rolle spielen."

Jau, boys and girls, werde ich tun und tue ich hiermit! :o))

Phantastic, wow, censorship in the beginning..., living like an woman at the beauty-farm, no, thanks for the invitation! I wish you lots of luck in your pink dreamings from the american way of life... :-))

And, by the way,... maybe Old Wise Europe is right... ;-)

Good wishes from Hamburg, Old Europe

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