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Geschrieben von Daffy am 30.10.2018, 20:55 Uhr


Das ist wohl der letzte Stand:

"At an informal meeting in the Austrian city of Graz, the ministers demanded more time to find consensus on whether to scrap daylight saving.

Austria’s Transport Minister Norbert Hofer said the plan to scrap the time change in 2019 would “not be supported” by enough countries, and that at least 18 months is needed to prepare for a reform affecting everything from cow milking routines to the scheduling of trains and flights.
In Graz, three countries — Portugal, Greece and the United Kingdom — said they wanted to continue the annual shift to daylight saving, while Cyprus, the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Denmark said they had not yet reached a position.
The decision also has Brexit implications as abolishing daylight saving in the EU could leave the Republic of Ireland out of step with Northern Ireland
Finland has launched a national consultation to give people a say in the decision.
“If you want, you can make this decision fast,” Estonia’s Economy Minister Kadri Simson told POLITICO after the Graz discussions. “But if you want to negotiate you can take a few years without any problems.” "

Ist das jetzt ein Traumjob (jahrelange Arbeitskreise zu einem völlig trivialen Thema in gediegenem Ambiente mit Sightseeing in den attraktivsten Städten der EU) oder eine Art Vorhölle, vergleichbar mit einem unendlichen Elternabend?

Unten die bisherigen Antworten. Sie befinden sich in dem Beitrag mit dem grünen Pfeil.
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