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Geschrieben von Tini mit Charlotte am 09.04.2003, 18:13 Uhr zurück

Nochmal DU-Munition

Health effects
Potentially depleted uranium has both chemical and radiological toxicity with the two important
target organs being the kidneys and the lungs. Health consequences are determined by the
physical and chemical nature of the depleted uranium to which an individual is exposed, and
to the level and duration of exposure.
Long-term studies of workers exposed to uranium have reported some impairment of kidney
function depending on the level of exposure. However, there is also some evidence that this
impairment may be transient and that kidney function returns to normal once the source of
excessive uranium exposure has been removed.
Insoluble inhaled uranium particles, 1-10 µm in size, tend to be retained in the lung and may
lead to irradiation damage of the lung and even lung cancer if a high enough radiation dose
results over a prolonged period.
Direct contact of depleted uranium metal with the skin, even for several weeks, is unlikely to
produce radiation-induced erythema (superficial inflammation of the skin) or other short term
effects. Follow-up studies of veterans with embedded fragments in the tissue have shown
detectable levels of depleted uranium in the urine, but without apparent health consequences.
The radiation dose to military personnel within an armoured vehicle is very unlikely to exceed
the average annual external dose from natural background radiation from all sources.

Jetzt würden mich aber doch mal die Studien interessieren, die angeblich belegen, daß Gesundheitsrisiken erhöht wurden, durch den Einsatu von DU-Muniton.



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