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Geschrieben von irulan am 16.12.2003, 22:53 Uhr zurück

Re: Mein Mann (US-Army) wollte es sich nicht nehmen lassen, etwas dazu zu sagen !!

Hello Dale,

I read your contribution with large interest and I am pleased that we may share your perspective here in this forum.
You write you served into the first gulf war, then you can confirm surely that most press information and reports were not correct in such a way at that time. You write that one does not form an opinion due to TV and press information. Why you are surprised then at sceptical attitudes on nowadays press reports about Saddams arrest. In principle I trust no reporting in times of war. I always weigh and try to gather as many different sources as possible. Finally, I use my human understanding and take the liberty to form my opinion.
I admire that you with much idealism (I do not mean that ironical, I really admire that!) fight the terror actively. Unfortunately I do not agree in many points not with your government. We all agree that Saddam is a cruel dikatator. Unfortunately there are much too many in this world and unfortunately a protest like this is rare. My skepticism lies exactly there. I ask myself, what would be if Saudi Arabia (with great oil business relation to the USA) would have a comparable cruel dictator at the point. Sorry, but I believe you would not intervene. To my mind, the economic interests (over the moral-ethical, political, religious and whatever motives) is the crucial point and one should not argue hypocritically. You write France sold atomic technology to Iraq. Correct! Then you must admit in addition, that America also supplied and earned. Yes, also Russia and other countries, too. Everyone earned its money, but who wants to have exclusive control, also must carry the exclusive responsibility.
And to your last sentence: In Germany one does not have to agree in opinion, in order to show its national pride. There is no “National German Voice”, speaking for all and this is well like that!!! Here one argues much, one discusses (see tax revision ;-)) and one learns early that there is not only black (the terror) or white (western solidarity) but much between them.
But after so much differentiated exchange of views and negotiatons, it is necessary (and on this we can still learn from you Americans) that effective action will follow.

Greetings to you and your family



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