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Geschrieben von Frosch am 16.12.2003, 19:42 Uhr zurück

Re: Mein Mann (US-Army) wollte es sich nicht nehmen lassen, etwas dazu zu sagen !!

Just the fact that Bush based this war against Saddam/Terrorism on lies gives us the the right to be VERY critical about all news we receive from BBC/CNN... So maybe some people are overcritical, but I think this is better than to be so overpatriotic like many Americans.
People like you who are really involved and know what`s going on should have "a bigger voice" to tell what is happening. I didn`t know for example that you are fighting people from Syria, Saudi Arabia or other countries.
But I know that most demonstrations against Bush/America in Iraq are faked. They have few people who still want to have back the old regime...
I think everybody knows that Saddam was a murderer and dictator! But the way Bush based this "war against terrorism" on lies and brusqued (brüskierte?) the "old Europe" and especially Schröder, gives everybody the right to be critical with his governement (Regierung?).

I would like to write more, but my son takes his bed apart ;-) - well, tomorrow...

But I agree with you in almost every point

LG Antje


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