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Mein Mann (US-Army) wollte es sich nicht nehmen lassen, etwas dazu zu sagen !!

I wish to express my opinion to this forum about what is happening in Iraq. I am an American soldier stationed in Germany and married to a German citizen. Currently I am assigned to the 1st Armored Division and based in downtown Baghdad.
I have served in the first gulf war, and numerous other deployments to the middle east, so I feel that I am much more qualified to say what is going on there based on my personal first hand observations.
I have seen the crimes committed by Saddam's regime up close and personal. I have seen the oil fields set on fire, the torture chambers used by him and his sons. I have seen the Kurdish women and children that were sprayed with sulfuric acid from his helicopters. My company captured his auditorium in medical city (downtown Baghdad). There we found films taken of his doctors conducting experiments on political prisoners, Iranians, and Kurds and anyone unfriendly to his administration.
Every day we fight aginst people shooting RPG's and Ak-47's at us not to mention the explosive traps that are laid for us. To think that we (the US) had Saddam and waited until now to "capture" him is rediculous. As for the CIA having access to his DNA, they got it from one of his daughters or other family members who are living in the U.S.
The Bush administration would have looked better to capture him quickly than to wait in the first place. The politicians have basically no say as to how we are running our daily operations. It is at the Brigade level and lower. As a 1SG, I was the law for my sector which had more violent crimes than any other spot in Iraq. We learned some lessons from Vietnam about letting politicians run a war. If you don't believe me, buy a plane ticket, leave the safety and comfort of your homes, and go see for yourself. Then you have the right to form an opinion based on YOUR knowledge of having been there instead of basing it on whatever you read in the newspapers or seeing on tv.
The truth is that most of the people we are fighting are from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other countries. 90% of Iraqi's I talk to are very happy we are there and don't want us to leave. The other 10% are religious zealots that don't know anything but hate and preach not peace but death.
In fact if you ask most Iraqi's who they dislike they will tell you, Iranians, and the French! The French because they supported Saddam and were once again too weak and afraid to stand up to a mass murderer.
My grand parents were from Germany, I am married to a German woman, I live in Germany and have always loved Germany, but I do not understand how as good German citizens you can sit there and talk about bad American politics when clearly Germany is Kow towing to France! Since when does the great nation of Germany ahve to follow France? Wasn't it France who was giving atomic knowhow to Iraq? Isn't the missles being fired at aircraft french made? Yes to both questions.
I would love to renew my family roots by coming back to Germany and raising my family here but not until it is ok to be proud to be German and not afraid to stand up with a National German voice and say we will not stand for terrorism and we will fight it where ever it may be.
Of course these are my opinions.
1SG Clemens


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