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Italian man who went to Malta

One day Imma gona to Malta to bigga hotel.

In the morning I go down to eat a breakfast.

I tell the waitress I wanna 2 pisses of toast.

She brings me only one piss!

I tell her I wanna to piss,

she says go to the toilet.

I say you don't understand

I want to piss on my plate.

She say you better no piss on the plate
you son of a bitch!

I dont even know the lady
and she calls me a son of a bitch!

I go to eat at a bigga resturant.

The waitress bring me a spoon and
a knife, but no fork!

I tell her I wanna fock.

She tellin me everyone wanna fock.

I tell her you don't understand,
I wanna fock on the table.

She say you better not fock on the table
you son of a bitch!

So I go back to my room inna hotel.

And there is no sheets onna bed!

Call the manager and I'm tellin him I wanna shit!

He tellin me go to the toilet.

I say you dont understand,
I wanna shit on my bed!

He say you better not shit on my bed.
you son of a bitch!

I go to the check out,

and the man onna desk says

peace on you, I said piss on you too,
you son of a bitch!

I'm going back to Italia, arrivederci!!!



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