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Geschrieben von Arizona am 25.03.2003, 20:10 Uhr zurück

Hm, da berichtet BBC aber was anderes

'Uprising' reported in Basra

British forces are closing in on the city
A "popular civilian uprising" is reported to be taking place in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, according to British military intelligence officials.
A spokesman in Kuwait has said there appeared to be some form of civilian revolt taking place, but as yet there is no independent confirmation of the report.

According to military intelligence officials, Iraqi troops in the city have turned mortar fire on their own civilians in an attempt to crush the unrest.

Journalist Richard Gaisford, who is with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards just outside Basra, says the British troops are bombarding the mortar positions in an effort to support the uprising.

He told the BBC he could hear a number of large explosions inside the city.

Iraq reports scores of civilian deaths inside Basra

The BBC's Tim Franks who is on the Iraq-Kuwait border, says that if reports of the uprising are true, this is what the British forces had hoped for.

Until now, there has been no evidence of any support for British and American forces inside Basra.

Rather, the coalition forces believed that around 1,000 die-hard Saddam Hussein supporters were based in the city and keeping the population in check, our correspondent says.


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